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Outlook Rules Rule

Once you’re spoiled by Outlook rules, you won’t want to work without them. If you get a new computer or use Outlook on a desktop and laptop computer, you can move your rules from one computer to another.

Type Faster with AutoCorrect

Does your brain produce words faster than your fingers can type? Are you tired of correcting your fat-fingered typos? Microsoft Office AutoCorrect not only fixes typing mistakes. You can take the tedium out of typing by building shortcuts for long words of phrases into AutoCorrect.

Working with Multiple Project Baselines

I wrote a guest post about multiple project baselines for Erick Van Hurck’s blog, The Project Corner.
A baseline is the key to staying on top of where your project is compared to where it should be. What can you do with Project’s baselines? And how do you view them when you have more than one?